Red Pill Women: My Thoughts & Three Essential Traits


Blogging is tough.

I am new to blogging, and my goal was to blog 2-3 times a week. But when you are writing really structured, photo-heavy blogs (travel guides, fashion analysis, etc), it is time consuming and hard to keep up. So, I took a bit of a breather.

But I’m back!

I wanted to write a blog about what’s running through my head lately. Probably my biggest current point of interest has to do with Red Pill Theory.


Oh my God, did she just say that?!

It feels like I have to give a disclaimer. Generally, Red Pill is unpopular, especially with women. The ESSENTIAL THING TO KNOW is that Red Pill Women is a bit of a different beast from The Red Pill. I don’t think there’s enough awareness of that.

So what are Red Pill Women?

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Greyhound Bus Review: They ain’t nothin’ but Hound Dogs

…and they ain’t no friends of mine.


The scene: daybreak. A quiet, dusty road pierces the horizon, seemingly endless as it divides country fields. At a nameless intersection sits a small bench, and on that small bench sits a girl. Next to her, a giant suitcase, and in her hand – a bus ticket. As she watches the steady, dependable bus approaching from the distance, she feels her fears subside – her new life is about to begin.


If I remember correctly, I think the story I was telling myself about the beginning of my journey into my new life was something like that. The reality, however, was a lot different – and that’s all thanks to the terrible people at Greyhound Bus!

In March of last year, I was finally ready to go to England for an extended stay. Since I would be there for so long, I had to sell my car – but that left me in a predicament. How would I get from my small town of Dothan, Alabama to the Atlanta airport? I thought I had the solution: a Greyhound bus! It was romantic, it was affordable, it was old-fashioned, it was practical…

…it was a nightmare.

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Suit Up: How to Wear Vintage to Work


Living this long-distance relationship, self-employed life means that sometimes my schedule is a bit unusual. On top of that, my partner is a chef. If you’ve been in the hospitality industry, you know how wild the hours can be. To make maximum use of the time we can spend together, I keep England time while I’m in America. So I’m awake for the day anytime from 3:00 a.m. – and I take my days off when he gets his.

Yesterday was an off day, and we spent it mostly binge-watching Parks & Recreation (which is new to him). Leslie Knope is seriously one of my idols.

Leslie Knope print, Etsy // £9

It’s refreshing to see a female character who is career-minded, determined, and strong – but still vulnerable, kind, and sometimes insecure. Honestly, tons of respect to Amy Poehler for making that happen, and Leslie will always have a place in my heart.

So, in honour of Leslie, I’m doing a suit thing today. A girl boss can’t go wrong in a classic suit, and when you stick to basic colours and fabrics, it’s easy to mix-and-match pieces. To add interest to what is a really nicely-cut combination of separates from White House Black Market (the trousers: there are a pair for sale here) and Banana Republic (my favourite blazer ever), I added this vintage waistcoat.


It’s bold and bright, but the black calms it down just the right amount.  Combining vintage pieces with clean, modern basics can make them doable – in even the most conservative work environments. The top pairs perfectly with the Betsey Johnson bag, too – the chains and bows reference the chains in the waistcoat, without being TOO matchy. Plus, the gold accents all complement each other. (I’m such a Betsey fanatic. She can be over-the-top, but her stuff is lushly feminine and quirky, with hints of Japan, and vintage, and nautical everything. It’s perfect.)

Shop the look, with a similar bag, blazer, & shoes.

Untitled.png1s-l500.jpg 1 71v2OvhnDoL._SL1500_.jpgs-l500

Now, let’s get stuff done!





Cropped Tops + High Waists


Things have been so busy for me the past few days. I’ve owned an online boutique for ten years now, but it’s the first time I’ve really given my own shop an honest go. I’ve been piled up with photography, listings, and marketing ideas – not to mention blog posts. But I’m loving every second of it.


This is one of the first new looks I’ve done some photography for. It works so well together because of the cropped top and high waist on the skirt. The midriff just peeks through, so it’s still modest without being frumpy. The top is Chinese-inspired, and the satin brocade pattern is so luxe it almost looks haute couture. And the skirt has pockets! Even though both pieces are vintage, they are completely wearable – and even though this look is retro (even including a retro-inspired Cole Haan hand bag) it doesn’t look costumey when it’s styled minimally. Shop the look below, with a similar bag & shoe.

1 1 s-l500_burned.png s-l500.jpg

See you again soon… work is calling.


Finding Inner Peace: Three Lessons from The Untethered Soul

Happy World Inner Peace Day! It’s about to get deep in here.

“Within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There is an ocean of all that. We cannot seek it outside, we have to go within.” – Nirmala Srivastava

Today – March 21 – is World Inner Peace Day, the birthday of spiritual teacher and yogi Nirmala Srivastava. I wish I could say I just knew that – that it’s noted on my yearly calendar, popping up as a notification on my phone with the sound of a deep ringing gong.


I wish I could say I know all about Nirmala’s teachings, and that I’ve mastered inner peace completely; that I easily achieved nirvana years ago, a miraculous and simple moment that came to me with ease between an episode of No Reservations and an oil change. I wish I could say I am always calm, and mindful, and in complete harmony with myself and the world; who meditates and does yoga daily, who only wears sustainable fabrics. Oh, and a gluten-free vegan!

But those would be lies.

Here’s is the truth: I had a strong pull towards this topic, and specifically one of my all-time favourite books, The Untethered Soul, before I had any idea it was World Inner Peace Day.


Still, there couldn’t be a better day to write about the book and talk about inner peace. Even though this book is best-selling and has received glowing reviews praising it for helping the reader find some ever-illusive inner peace, Michael A. Singer isn’t a household name in the way that his fellow gurus Eckhart Tolle or Don Miguel Ruiz are. Which I don’t fully get, having read all of them. The Untethered Soul is by far my favourite, opening my mind to new concepts and helping me internalise beliefs which would permanently change my view of the world.

I have read and re-read The Untethered Soul, giving each sentence time to sink into my psyche and create imagery that could quickly come to my rescue in red-flag moments of panic or anxiety. That’s what is magical about this book to me. Singer is able to write in a way that is down-to-earth without being overly simple. He presents concepts that trigger my imagination to interpret his words in a way that will make sense to me. That’s the hallmark of a truly great book – not what is actually written out for us in ink, but how it fuses with our minds to leave a mark on us. Truly great books are interactive.

I want to share three points that I’ve taken away from The Untethered Soul; ways my mind has mapped and integrated Singer’s concepts. They have helped me find a measure of inner peace, and I hope they do for you as well.

1. Learn to ignore the voice in your head.
2. Stop being offended.
3. Everything is connected.

1. Learn to ignore the voice in your head.

Nearly all of us are just a little bit schizophrenic. In what way?

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