THEPIXIEDUST.COM is an online boutique specialising in handpicked vintage and designer fashion. We were established in 2008, and bring our carefully curated selections directly to you. 

We travel America and Europe to expand our inventory of new, preloved, and vintage pieces from around the world. With a trained eye for classic style and luxurious details, we bring you timeless selections to add to your closet. We also offer antiques, collectables, and ethically sourced taxidermy to complement your unique home.

Operations in England and America



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From Asheville Boutique to International Powerhouse

When she was sixteen years old, THEPIXIEDUST.COM‘s founder bought her first piece of vintage clothing – a men’s lime green shirt with wide black pinstripes. She already had a love for all things retro – but she didn’t know that her blossoming interest in vintage would eventually change her life.

Ten years ago, she was a young woman with creativity and frustration to spare. She was living in the artistic hotbed of Asheville, surrounded by self-made designers, painters, sculptors, and entrepreneurs. She always dreamed of working in a creative field, and now was her moment. She began to search for a way to turn a passion into a productive outlet – and she discovered Etsy.

Vintage clothing was all the rage, and she already had a trained eye for quality pieces. She loved fashion. She knew how to hem and repair items, and had picked up sales and marketing skills from her days behind a desk. Using these skills, she was able to run a small, in-demand vintage boutique on Etsy for seven years. Along the way, she has sent her carefully curated vintage pieces off to major network television studios, Oscar-winning Hollywood costumers, internationally renowned fashion designers, and LA / NYC celebrity it-girls.

It wasn’t until three years ago that the course of the business changed dramatically. Our founder met her match – a seasoned businessman from England who was interested in investing and helping the boutique grow. With his help, THEPIXIEDUST.COM was able to expand to other selling platforms, and its own website. It grew to include new designer fashion, antiques, taxidermy, and beauty products. It has become an international shop, with bases in London and Florida, and stock collected from travels throughout Europe and America. 

Through all of this, THEPIXIEDUST.COM has retained its original spirit and principles. Here, you will find hand-picked and well-preserved items, with a leaning towards both classic, elegant, and timeless fashion; and fun, of-the-moment, head-turning trends. Our style is like us: a strong foundation in sophistication and business, with plenty of room for humour and fun. Our service is personal, impeccable, and well-reviewed – and our experience spans 35+ years. Now, we operate as a family-owned business – as our English investor and American founder discovered more than a mutual love for business, design, and creativity – they found each other.