About Me


need something extra in your mid-afternoon, carry-me-through, where-has-my-motivation-gone Italian roast espresso?

Try The Pixie Dust.


In life, people often find the courage to take a leap once they’ve seen others succeed. Like Wendy watching Peter fly, we find our own personal “faith, trust, and pixie dust.” Mix in some happy thoughts, and nothing can hold us back.

I’m Kay.


A few years ago, I felt totally stuck in life. I overcame what was holding me back, and I found my Neverland. I am only going up, and I want you to come with me.


I am a small business owner, a long-distance girlfriend and a romance addict. I’m fortunate to have begun to scratch the surface of traveling our beautiful planet. I live in the United States & the United Kingdom.

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If you want to know more – or if you are looking for motivation to get your own dreams off the ground… try The Pixie Dust.


In 2008, I established my online vintage fashion boutique, Harbor District (current stock located here: US / UK). Along the way, I’ve sent my carefully curated vintage pieces off to major network television studios, Oscar-winning Hollywood costumers, internationally renowned fashion designers, and LA / NYC celebrity it-girls.


Harbor District has expanded to include modern pieces, and has launched me into other self-employment opportunities, including real estate, marketing and design.

I am an ocean-loving Florida native, passionate about art, fashion, travel, and psychology. I’m head-over-heels in love with my gorgeous, globe-trotting, seasoned Englishman / masterful professional chef / entrepreneurial genius of a business (& life) partner.


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