Greyhound Bus Review: They ain’t nothin’ but Hound Dogs

…and they ain’t no friends of mine.


The scene: daybreak. A quiet, dusty road pierces the horizon, seemingly endless as it divides country fields. At a nameless intersection sits a small bench, and on that small bench sits a girl. Next to her, a giant suitcase, and in her hand – a bus ticket. As she watches the steady, dependable bus approaching from the distance, she feels her fears subside – her new life is about to begin.


If I remember correctly, I think the story I was telling myself about the beginning of my journey into my new life was something like that. The reality, however, was a lot different – and that’s all thanks to the terrible people at Greyhound Bus!

In March of last year, I was finally ready to go to England for an extended stay. Since I would be there for so long, I had to sell my car – but that left me in a predicament. How would I get from my small town of Dothan, Alabama to the Atlanta airport? I thought I had the solution: a Greyhound bus! It was romantic, it was affordable, it was old-fashioned, it was practical…

…it was a nightmare.

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Hythe, Kent: A Visitor’s Guide


View of Hythe Beach from my flat

On my last stay in England, I lived mostly in the seaside town of Hythe. Hythe is a small town on the English Channel, in County Kent – “The Garden of England.” It’s a sleepy, beautiful place very near the Channel Tunnel, which joins England to France. On clear days, I could see the French coast, and I remember watching the fireworks across the sea on Bastille Day.

Stationed on the Southern shore – the first line of defence against invasion – Hythe has an ancient and rich military history. Now, it’s a residential haven near the larger port towns of Folkestone and Dover. But sometimes, it’s the small towns which hide the most often missed gems. Hythe is very sunny and temperate compared to much of England, and makes a lovely summer holiday spot – plus, it’s the gateway to France and the rest of Europe!

I wanted to share a few places that you shouldn’t pass by if you are able to visit Hythe.

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